About the art

There is so much beauty and wonder in our world that most people never see. I like to call attention to the artistry that exists in the subtle and small things that otherwise would be overlooked.

Beauty and wonder also can be found in death, decay, and the broken. A leaf in its final stages often shows us its best –  or at least its most interesting.

As a photographer, part of my job is to look at things in an unconventional way. My wife once commented that I seem to have a personal relationship with light. I want to share that with others.

Rarely do I pose or arrange the content of my photos. I prefer to keep things real and authentic. That means the scene is unaltered; arrangements are as I found them.

In that same spirit, I seldom increase color intensity. Almost all adjustments involve brightness and contrast. However, I will occasionally boost the color minimally. I do this in cases where I want the viewer to see subtle hues and details that would easily be missed.

About Jay

I’m moved by simple truths and simple gifts.

Clouds fascinate me.

I’ve gotten lost in hours combing deserted ocean beaches for bits of sea glass and other treasures of nature’s art.

Hi. I’m Jay Snively. Pleased to meet you.

I wish I could say I went to college, got married, had kids, started a business, and began living happily ever after beginning at age 27. Well, no, I don’t actually wish that. But it would be easier and tidier to explain and would imply I had my act together.

What really happened is messy and difficult and complicated. And I wouldn’t be who I am today if life played out like The Brady Bunch and Happy Days.

Some of me:

• Relentlessly curious
• Recovering perfectionist
• Quirky, dry sense of humor
• Like being alone, like being with people
• Believe in inherent worth and dignity of every person

Connecting with people enriches me.

Houses, cars, and lots of power tools are great, but it’s real life that does it for me. Real life: simplicity, nature, authenticity, and meaningful connection with others.

A few likes:

• Music: classical and jazz, but almost anything
• Scrabble, etymology, language
• Quirky restaurants
• Building things
• Laughing
• Silence
• Art

I’m a lifelong resident of southwest Ohio. My life partner is a wonderful woman who spends much of her time reading, gardening, sewing, and learning about nature. And laughing with me about very silly things.

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